I miss my grandma.
I miss my grandma.

I miss my grandma, my mom’s mother. lately she has been showing up in my dreams and it is nice to see her again.  She would have been 100 years old this past October 20th.  She passed December of 2007, when she was 97. 

My grandma (Lois) was a very interesting person.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved to sit and listen to her stories of how life was.  She grew up in New York and was an only child. She loved to dance and was very popular when she was a young lady.  All the boys wanted to be her date. (That’s what she told me!) When she was old enough to get a job she worked in an office that had to do with entertainment.  She greeted a lot of movie stars, before they were stars.  One being Bob Hope.  She had a lot of fun in those days.  

In her 20’s she married my grandfather, Edward.  Unfortunately he passed away when my mother was only 8 years old. When I was growing up my grandma & step-grandpa, (whom I just called grandpa) lived about an hour away from us.  We would see them about once a month, they usually came to our house to visit.  I loved going to their house though because they had a bit of a steep driveway and I would take my white roller skates (I loved those skates) the ones with 4 wheels and a stopper and I would fly down their driveway into the street.  Hardly any cars were ever around.  That was a lot of fun. Then grandma would always cook something fun for dinner and of course bake a cake.

As I got older and became a teenager I would stay in touch with grandma and call her every so often.  She was very wise and we always talked about fun stuff.  Soon the day came and I announced that I was getting married.  My grandparents were so happy for us.  They both wanted to come with mom and I to pick out my dress, I was glad to have them their on that special day.  It was a lot of fun.  I was the only grand-daughter and my brother the only grand-son.   

My grandma was there to see my kids after they were born and she watched them grow up.  I spent a lot of time with grandma when my kids were young.  By then my grandpa had passed and grandma moved in with my parents.  She was alomst 90.  She didn’t really like being alone and I was at home with the kids so I went to my moms house quite a few times a week to hang out with her and have lunch while my parents were at work.  The kids always entertained her with their antics and they loved to read to her, she seemed to enjoy that too. 

The years went on and when grandma was 96 it was getting harder and harder for her to remember things.  We were afraid she was going to hurt herself by falling and felt she needed full time care.  That was very hard for all of us and most of all on my mom.  As a family we decided to put her in an assisted living home in town.  The day we moved her in I ended up talking to the lady (Kimberly) who was in charge of the new residents and activites.  Kim mentioned that one of the perks of living there was a beauty shop and I said that I did my grandmothers hair.  Well, that actually led to a job for me at the home.  I started work as the resident hairdresser a week after grandma moved in.  I was so thankful for that. I was able to see grandma every day and I took my lunch breaks on her wing and ate with her and the other residents.  We all tried to visit as much as possible. Grandma eventually got worse, her mind was just not the same.  She only lived in the home for 2 months and then passed away a month after her 97th birthday. 

I have no regrets with my grandma.  I had a happy life with her and good conversations.  Every now and then she comes back in my dreams to see how I am doing.  I can see her smiling face and funny sense of humor.  I will see you again grandma, someday. Until then keep coming by.

Love your favorite grand-daughter! Cindy