I won a home interior makeover
I won a home interior makeover

I had won a free makeover by some local interior decorators.  I was in the middle of a painting project and had already painted my hallway pink and was stamping flowers onto the wall.  When I say that I mean I am using a rubber stamp with paint on it and putting it on the wall.

The ladies came in and started doing their home interior work.  I went about my business. I went back to check on them and they were painting over the wall I had just done, they were drawing flowers on there free hand and coloring them  blue.  I was very upset and started yelling at them. I told them that I do not want blue in my house and flowers are not normally blue and that they were not supposed to be touching that wall since I was working on it!  They just looked at me as if they were in charge, but did stop what they were doing. 

Next, I go into the bathroom to check the work in there and the ladies are in the shower stall painting people’s names on the wall.  I ask them what they are doing and they tell me the obvious.  I yell at them and ask why they would paint peoples names on the shower wall and I don’t even know a Don, Pon, Terri or Terry!  I said “I don’t want to look at these people’s names while I am in the shower”!  At this point I started yelling at them telling them I didn’t want them in the bathroom and as I said “in the bathroom” in my dream I also unfortunately blurted it out in my sleep and woke up my poor sleeping husband!   My husband then says to me “Outbursts, will not be tolerated”.  Ha ha.  I couldn’t help but laugh. 

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