My friend
My friend

My friend Charlene.  I met Charlene when we started school the summer of 1978.  We were in second grade.  Our parents would get together and play cards and us kids played together.

Charlene and I have always gotten along. I can’t remember ever having a fight with her. We would play hop scotch, jump rope, or play on the monkey bars on the playground together.

We attended all the same schools up through graduation.  In Jr. High we both joined the band, playing the clarinet.  We had a lot of fun times in our lives but band was always at the top of the list. One time, in band class we were playing a song and I was wearing “flats” on my feet, they slide off really easy and I was tapping my leg in time when Charlene decided to kick off my shoe, well we were in the front row next to the band teacher and before you knew it my shoe went flying and landed right on front of him!   He wasn’t very happy but of course Char was cracking up and I was just kind of wondering what had happened!

Another time, we were headed to band class and we were late so we started to run down the cement hallway and I slipped, wearing my flats of course and I went flying on my butt and my clarinet case flew also, but it flew farther than I did and hit the band door!  Someone opened the door too see me sitting down on my butt with dirty cement marks all over me.  No I wasn’t really hurt, more my pride than anything else and Char, was of course laughing hysterically in the background!  I couldn’t help but laugh too, it was pretty funny.

We made it through Jr. High and headed to high school where we continued to have a good time and stayed in band. Years went by, we both were married and having kids. Char was the maid of honor at my wedding.

Char and I were the first of our little group to have children and became even closer friends as moms.  We would get together for the kids to have playdates and spend hours just talking about life and kids.  We never lacked for conversation that is for sure.  We could talk for hours on the phone and not even realize it.

There is something about Charlene that I am drawn too. I think it is her laugh.  She and I laugh a lot when we are together.  I love to see her happy like that.  Anytime I can make her laugh is even better. I always feel right at home when I am with Char and it’s funny, we don’t see eachother much now a days, since I moved out of state but she did come visit me last summer.  It was a really good time and our girls are all teenagers now so we all had a great time.  I miss my Char and hope to see her again soon.  In between those visits I think of all the fun times we have had!

We have been friends for almost 33 years now.