The elevator ride
The elevator ride

I was visiting my friend Shannon Ewing and her family in Idaho.  They wanted to show me their new invention.  They had an elevator that went under water and when they were under water they could open the shaft and then you would be entered in the attic of their house. 

I was not too sure I wanted to see this because I don’t really like being under water but my husband wanted to so I went ahead and gave it a try. The elevator was quite huge and we all fit inside. 

It took off and started going down until we were completely submerged.  They were having fun hanging out chatting and drinking.  I felt a little on the nervous side so I told them I wanted to go back up to the air.  So they told me to cut a hole in the top of the elevator and push on that part then crawl through it and it would take me back to where I wanted to be.  So I made a hole and knocked on the hole for my daughter Natalie to help lift the top off.  She did and  I was able to crawl through to the fresh air, which happened to by an attic. 

Natalie was there and we got on the top of the elevator and took off on a series of tracks, like it was a roller coaster ride.  We eventually ended up at the house. 

Then Natalie and I went outside and walked to the local store while my husband and friends were still in the underwater elevator.  We found a store that sold everything made from animal fur.  It was kind of a creepy store.  Then I seem to be by myself.  I don’t know where Natalie went.  I tired to use the elevator at the store so I could get back home but it was out of order so I took off on foot around the corner to try and find the house.  I was so lost.  I found some weird guy running and asked him to help  me find where I was supposed to be going. 

 I had to go  back to the store and ask if I could use the elevator because I couldn’t find my way home.  They said it was out of order and I had to come back at 7:50pm.  so I went back at that time and got on the elevator.  This particular one was very narrow though.  I was in there with 2 other ladies and one was very pregnant.  We all had to sit down, there wasn’t room to stand.  I knew this was not the right elevator but I let the doors shut anyway.