I don’t want to betray my gender, but women are crazy. Not to the derogatory meaning behind the word, and don’t ever call her that, but if you’ve ever seen that movie with that actor that can hear women’s thoughts, it is no joke. Men have the great ability to simply turn off the sounds of life. You know it’s true. . .

When men are at work, they are at work. Maybe sometimes they are on the golf course or at the football game, but generally at work. Sounds simple, huh’? They call it compartmentalizing. Most women call it lucky and almost confusing.

Women are opposite. We are efficient jugglers in life. In any given moment, if you were to somehow tap into a woman’s brain you would hear the overlapping sounds of every issue going on in her life, her families lives, her friends, your friends, your family, work, the news, the kids. . . well, just about everything. We don’t do it on purpose, in fact, we long for turning the noise off. But the truth is that while men might have thoughts of everything, each thought is independent of each other. Men are more wired for the THE task. Conversely, a woman is thinking about all of the tasks with overlapping thoughts.

Think about it, we are physically and emotionally made to compliment each other not be like each other. Bottom line, the more a woman has to do, the less likely she’ll be doing you.

. . . . . Oh, the mystery of women. . . .